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Almost 2,000 years old four-wheeled chariot of iron, bronze, and wood was excavated by archeologists from a rich Roman villa north of the ancient Roman town. Archeologists think that this chariot was being drawn by a team of horses in procession via Pompeii.

The elaborate chariot, which still has imprints of organic materials such as its ropes and floral decorations is almost intact in a portico of the villa in the suburb of Civita Giuliana, facing the stables where the remains of three horses were found in 2018.

The collapsing walls and roof of the villa helped preserve the chariot from 21st-century antiquities thieves, who had dug tunnels at the site that nearly reached the chariot, according to officials at the Archaeological Park of Pompeii, which is managed by Italy’s cultural heritage ministry.

It is believed and is still under scientific and cultural research that this chariot may have been a pilentum referred to by some sources, which was not for everyday use or for agricultural transport, but featured in community festivities, parades, and processions. It is the first of its kind, a ceremonial chariot, being unearthed in Italy.

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