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Dilip Thapa । 28th Feb, 2021 । World Dainik
Grapes fruit are very fruitful for our sound health. It helps as a coating layer, let’s say an edible sunscreen to stop UV rays to enter our body. The acidic factor ‘polyphenol’ plays a vital role to protect us from skin cancer. It is also beneficial for our lungs and liver.
In research published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, a 74.8 percent increase in natural protection of the skin was shown when 19 healthy human subjects orally ingested a powder of freeze-dried grapes for 14 days.
Craig Elmets from the University of Alabama in coordination with Mohammad Athar, found out this interesting result.
तपाइंलाई यो खबर पढेर कस्तो लाग्यो? मन पर्यो
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