COVID को कारण निजी वाहनहरूको संख्या बढ्यो

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Dilip Thapa

Due to the Covid pandemic, social distancing has become a new normal. People tend to travel autonomously or try to create their own space even in public vehicles. This has made people to rethink their traveling convention. A recent report by Automobile Association shows that the number of private vehicles has increased because people wanted to create a safe physical distancing shield within them.

"As the government ended the lockdown after the first outbreak, people started buying vehicles geometrically, which was a lot high than any other years", said an entrepreneur. He also added that the demand for affordable vehicles have increased, whereas, costly vehicles are still waiting for the market.

After the end of Dashain and Tihar, the purchase of vehicles looks quite attractive. The economy seems to be under control since the lifestyle of people has come back to normal. "Due to this economical stability, automobile sellers are happy", says Aakash Golchha, vice president of Automobile Association. "The demand for automobiles is so high that we aren’t able to meet it properly."

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